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I prefer to remain under my pen name Eva Rilot. Only because I have to work for a living and cannot afford the security I would need if I was a public figure. I love to write and my goal is to become a well known author. If I could, I would be a political activist. But, in the meanwhile, the bills always come in the mail. (Maybe my book will take off???) America Farm is the truth as I see it. The Tea Party to me is more of a political movement. I don't understand why people see it as being racist. It's not. It is about Americans wanting more accountability from their government. Thanks for reading my blog!

America Farm

My book is available at I will be adding a hyperlink soon. Thanks! Advertisements

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The Gulf Waste Land

The Gulf Waste Land Oceanus beneath us Roars into battle Herecles shall prevail They fight in the shade April indeed is the cruellest month, bleeding Oil from the dark belly of the ocean floor, mixing Greed and wrath, stirring Tradition … Continue reading

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